Resizing Your WizBangBox™

After you have selected one of the 150 different styles of box configurations, you can then:
• Resize and customize the shape of your box
• Select the material/substrate
• Select the thickness of the material/substrate

Watch your WizBangBox come to life as your ideas are transformed into a 3D interactive packaging graphic that will allow you to:
• Fold and unfold
• Spin and rotate
• Make real-time changes

Applying Graphics and Color

Adding graphics to your design is simple. You can import graphics or use graphics stored in your WizBangBox media manager. You can:
• Drag and drop graphics
• Rotate and scale graphics
• Add text and colorso View in 3D

To both inside and outside of your package

Applying Advanced or Complicated Graphics

For the advanced package, even make-ready for retail.
• Add your bar codes
• Add your QR codes
• View in 3D at every stage
• View inside and outside of your package

Viewing and preparing your package for retail is easy and instant.

Media Manager

The WizbangBox Media Manager allows you to store your own media files, including:
• Logos
• Artwork
• Color Pallets
• Branded Materials
• Die Lines

Packaging symbols and standards are also available for quick reference. Your finished art can also be stored in the WizbangBox library for further alterations and sharing with others.

Exporting your designs

While you are working on your design, WizBangBox has been storing your information in real-time, so you can send your design to others as a link or download as a:
• EPS, and many other formats

These files can be zipped and shared via email or FTP.